Building their Castle

Another holiday season has come & gone with my grandparents completing their 3-month journey all the way from Florida to visit family & friends along the East Coast and across the midwest to Missouri before heading back south to escape winter.

I’ve treasured this special two week period ever since I was a child. It was always marked by laughs (Bible Salesman Story), age-old sayings (“Cream always rises to the top”) and quality time playing card games.

Over the last few years, I’ve been reminded how my grandparents helped shape my immediate family (the Sotos) and instilled lasting character in each of us.

I’m also reminded of the miracles in their past that had to happen for the Sotos to even exist.

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Carranza-Vega Family Update

Elizabeth​ & I have had the joy of sponsoring the Carranza-Vega family in Honduras over the past 4 years through Great Commission Latin America.

Through our travels, we’ve been able to meet the family several times over the past four years. We’ve visited with them in their home, at church and in their community.

I’ve played soccer with Orlin (father) and learned more about the daily challenges facing his family. Continue reading

Discovering my “Shadow Mission”

IMG_4089Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all chasing something – some dream, ambition or goal – every single day of our lives.

We might not realize what exactly it is.  But odds are, if you’re anything like me, upon further review it’s something seemingly good that’s been twisted.

That’s where the concept of shadow mission comes into play. I’d never heard of it until listening to a Global Leadership Summit talk by John Ortberg.

Ortberg defines shadow mission as “your authentic mission hijacked by wounds or ego.” It’s not necessarily the antithesis of your authentic mission, but a slight, yet significant, perversion of it.

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